1) Questions: What security products do your company sell? Do you also do installation? And how much do you charge?
Answer: Our business focuses on security products such as Alarm, CCTV, intercom and related accessories.
We provide installation services with a reasonable price in Sydney region.

2) Question: How many types of PIR are there? What are their differences?
Answer: Bosch PIRs have a variety of types. In terms of connection type, there are wired PIRs and wireless PIRs. For wired PIRs, there are different models including Basic, Quad, Pet Friendly and Pet Friendly Tritech.

3) Question: How many years warranty do the products have?  
Answer: We provide 1-year warranty to our customers if products fail to work. Besides, for Bosch products, customers have 2 extra years warranty directly from Bosch Company in Australia.

4) Question: How many channels do the control panels have?
Answer: For Bosch 844,880 and 2000 panels, they have 8 channels in total which means they can connect up to 8 PIR sensors. For Bosch 3000 and 6000 systems, they have 16 channels so they are able to connect up to 16 PIR sensors.

5) Question: How can I buy the products from you? And what payment do you accept?
Answer: Customers can buy our products from our eBay store, where at:
We provide local pick-up and delivery services. Customers can pay cash, card, bank transfer, paypal transfer. We are happy to accept any one of those payments.

6) Question: Can you set up the system according to customer’s requests?
Answer: Yes, we can set up password, dial number and disable unused channels for customers for free. If customers think it is difficult to hook up the parts, we can prewire it with short wires. However, prewiring requires extra charge. After customers receive the products, please take some pictures of the wiring in case you forget the connection when replace the short wires with long wires while doing installation by yourself.

7) Question: What is your return policy ?

Answer: No claims will be considered unless notification is received within 14 days of delivery and goods returned for credit may be subject to restocking fee of 20%. After 30 days, no credit will be allowed.