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1 x Bosch Solution 3000 Control Panel w/ Metal Enclosure

1 x LCD Alpha Text Keypad

3 x Blue Line Gen2 PIRs

1 x AC Power Supply

1 x 12V, 7.2Ah Rechargeable Battery

1 x External Siren + Strobe Kit

1 x Internal Piezo Siren

1 x User Guide/Quick Reference Guide

4 x PVC Warning Stickers (RRP$6-$8)

Free Programming


Features of the Bosch 3000 Control Panel:

16 Fully Programmable Hard-Wired Zones

41 Codes – 1 Installer, 20 User Codes, 20 RF Keyfobs

Partitionable in to 2 Separate Areas

STAY / AWAY Arming Options

Selectable Reports per User Code

Entry and Exit Warning

Automatic Arming

Remote Arming

Zone Lockout

256 Event History Memory

LCD Icon, LCD Alphanumeric, and Touchscreen Support

5 Programmable Outputs

Dynamic Battery Test

Day Alarm

Walk Test Mode

Back to Base Reporting & Domestic Reporting

Dual Entry Timers

AC Fail Supervision

Phone Line Supervision


Please Note:

  1. If you want our technicians to pre-program your Bosch alarm system before dispatch, please leave your information including PIN, Mobile Number, Zones and etc. when you check out.
  2. This system will need to be professionally installed by a qualified/licensed security system installer. If you are going to install the system yourself and having trouble connecting it, we can pre-wire with short cables for you. When you receive the products, please take a look at the wiring diagram attached and replace the cables. The pre-wire service will cost $45 for this kit (3 PIRs).

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